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7 think you should know about being a wedding photographer
April 22, 2019

7 think you should know about being a wedding photographer - If you love photography and weddings, wedding photography seems like the ideal career path. You get to take photos of beautiful people, travel around the country and earn a pretty penny while doing it. However, the industry veterans who give wedding photographer tips say that it’s not all glam as it seems on the outside. If you are thinking about getting into this line of work, here...

A Guide to Post Processing in Wedding Photography
March 25, 2019

A Guide to Post Processing in Wedding Photography Why about the wedding edition? It is very easy ... wedding photography is perhaps one of the most memorable and photographed moments in the world and in the history of humanity; those of us who have had the opportunity to cover a wedding, we can attest that this is a unique challenge. During the multiple sessions that we can perform during a wedding, creativity plays a key role in the poses, the...

How to improve product photography
March 25, 2019

How to improve product photography- Increasingly business is selling their products online, and since online sales depend to a large extent on photo quality, many businesses would like to know how to improve product photography for their products. In offline stores, where the customer can touch, feel and in some cases like clothes try or wear the product being sold. On the other hand, for products sold online, the customer relies mainly on the...

Best Costumes for pre wedding photo shoot
January 22, 2019

Thinking what to wear on your pre-wedding shoot? Pre-wedding shoots are in full swing these days. Everyone I know is more into Pre-wedding photoshoot rather than the wedding itself. Weddings are a season of love, joy, getting together, family-friends reunion and a lot more. Announcing your big day with friends and family gets a lot easier with the pre-wedding photo shoot. Pre-wedding photoshoot explains what kind of couple you are and a...

Best Resorts for Pre-Wedding Shoots in Bangalore
January 22, 2019

BANGALORE –  WHAT A PERFECT LOCATION FOR A PHOTO SHOOT?   Well, Everybody who plans for a pre-wedding, post-wedding photo shoot or a cinematic video shoot. One who plans for a maternity shoot, Family photo shoot or a Kids shoot a very next question they ask me is "Where do I shoot?" Though I don't have an instant answer for this I prefer giving a constructed answer after having a couple of questions thrown back to the clients. I try...

Candid Photography Prices Packages and Quotations in Bangalore
October 13, 2018

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments and we are here to assist you on this journey. Phometo believes in capturing your memories worth preserving them for the rest of your life and it offers wide variety of services and candid photography is one of them. Our photographers carefully listen to your requirements and shadow it in an artistic way that narrates the story of your love and romance. Our enthusiast photographers work to capture...

Sneha Iyer & Girish Candid Wedding Photography - Client Review
October 8, 2018

If you are scrolling through this page with a half heart, half mind, worried on how to capture your big day, etcetera, you have landed on the right page.    Pardon me in advance as this is going to be a longish post, because, at the end of the this, you will thank yourself for stopping by. Jab we met: There is generally some certain amount of fad around the kind of photography you should opt for, some special kind of cosmetics for the...

Wedding Photography Prices and Packages Bangalore
September 25, 2018

Are you looking for the Wedding Photography Prices and Packages in Bangalore? If yes, Here is the detailed Price list which helps you to understand wedding photography prices. Make sure you get the Proper Quotation for Your wedding before finalizing your wedding Photographer. Phometo offers Photography Services at affordable prices in Bangalore. There are variety of elements phometo adds to make your special day memorable. You can see the split...

Prewedding Shoot of a couple Hemanth & Ashwini at Melkote, Mysore
September 6, 2018

An adorable couple <3 Pre wedding photos of duo were clicked in and around Mysore and Melukote the best locations for pre wedding shoot, Team PHOMETO was delighted to picture both as couple. Hemanth and Ashwini were spontaneous in posing, Their chemistry is not lesser than any movie hero and heroins. Melukote is the best location for the pre wedding shoot with traditional attires, The historical stone sculptures, architectures and ponds are... Protection Status