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Get your professional e-commerce photography done from Phometo. We have rounded up with the Best Product Photography Services which can help you growing your e commerce business.

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Product / E-commerce Photography Price and Packages in Bangalore

Professional Product Photographers
White background product shoot
2 angles Post processed images
suitable for website and e-commerce sites
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Professional Product Photographers
Theme based product shoot
Apparel shoot
With mannequin or flatlay pictures
2-3 angle, Post processed HD images
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Professional Product Photographers
Product/Apparel shoot with Models
Domestic/International Models
Both Male and Female models
Stylists, Makeup artists, Postprocessed HD images
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Finding a Professional e-commerce photography in Bangalore

Professional e-commerce photography is the must and beneficiary aspect of commercial fields. It is all about attracting the customers and interesting them towards the product. Customers have endless desires and fulfilling their expectations is always a challenging task. There are numerous ways of grabbing the customers towards any product. Product photography is also one among them. It is a part of the advertisement where only the image of the product talks. Making a purchase of the product is the ultimate goal of any company. Just a normal photo doesn’t make any difference, it requires the professionals who are well-versed in professional e-commerce photography. The entire team of “Phometo” is thorough in the whole process which involves equipment types, lightings, backgrounds, kind of image to produce with all effectiveness for the easy conversion.

How to get the customer’s attention? Of course presenting your product well! The way the products are presented or showcased online creates a greater impact on buying choice of a customer. An Amateur looking photos may not meet the expectations of clients and trust on the brand, E-commerce websites and any social media always attracts clients only if the products are displayed visually appealing, This is what influences the buyer.

Business owners spend lot of money on building their profiles and websites but forget the fact that the photos on display are to be in appealing way which obviously will lower the impression.

We have an exclusive approach to product photography and organize models from across the world for photo shoots. We are much interested in trying out new things and hence does not practice single photography style, We shoot as according to the client’s need. Sometime we design the themes for the shoot and sometime just with white background. Product photography is trending now a days and every business owner wants to get their products shot and presented to customers in a professional way. Phometo offers a wide range of photography options that are the right aesthetic touch for your editorial spaces and e-commerce listings. If you require stunning high-end product photography, then our professional service is what you need. Whether you are intended to go online or offline marketing Our experts can surely take the looks of your product to the next level. Our studio based in Bangalore and we provide services all around.

The high level of competition and the loads of companies that offer goods and services of the same kind force manufacturers to look for new ways to promote their products. Hence product photography is a mandate at present in the market.

If you have any Product Photography related inquiries or requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Our professionals would love to hear from you.


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