Is Photography Allowed In Lalbagh?

When someone plans to visit Lalbagh the main question that arises in their mind is, is photography allowed in Lalbagh? Did you know that photography is not allowed inside Lalbagh…! Find out why here?

Lalbagh is an amazing botanical garden located in Bangalore, India. It has over 40 acres of gardens and is home to many different species of trees, flowers, and other plants. The garden was established by Sir M Visvesvaraya, a famous Indian engineer and architect. When you make a plan to visit Lalbagh the main question came to your mind is The Lalbagh timings and entry fee. The Lalbagh timings are 6 am to 7 pm and the entry fee is 20rs per person above 12 years of age. The Lalbagh garden attracts everyone for its beautiful garden. This place is best for the photoshoots like Pre-wedding photoshoots, Post wedding shoots, etc. So everyone’s question is, is photography allowed in Lalbagh? But the Lalbagh doesn’t allow photoshoots inside the Garden.  

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Why Photography is Not Allowed inside Lalbagh!

There are several reasons why photography is not allowed inside the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. First, there are no cameras allowed inside the park. Second, the garden is a living museum, so taking photos would damage the environment. Third, the garden is open only during certain times of the year, and visitors should respect these restrictions. So for these reasons, they are not allowing photography in Lalbagh. But you can take normal photos on your mobile.

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