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If you are scrolling through this page with a half heart, half mind, worried on how to capture your big day, etcetera, you have landed on the right page.


 Pardon me in advance as this is going to be a longish post, because, at the end of the this, you will thank yourself for stopping by.
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Jab we met:
There is generally some certain amount of fad around the kind of photography you should opt for, some special kind of cosmetics for the make-up artist to turn up with, every small detail is projected with much puffery only in Indian weddings, well I was put through the same too. I was told that the wedding photography is the next big decision you will have to make. (As if the spouse selection wasn’t enough – Pun unintended)


Soon after my engagement in Sep-17, I was doing my bit of “research” on every aspect possible. I happened to hastily ping a few of them, some replied and some didn’t even bother. It is important to establish that connect right from the word -go. And that kind of a connect happened when I chanced upon a group in Facebook, that housed several Wedding Photography contacts. I pinged details about my wedding- date, day and venue and the first one to respond was Shiv- the man behind those pixels!-


Soon enough, I called to find out the package charges, holding my dear heart and pockets. Thankfully, neither the heart or the pocket bore any holes. Shiv had chartered out a perfect package to fit my budget and did justice 10 times over it with his work.


Mine was a TamBrahm wedding. My folks were skeptical if the photography will be good enough to capture every nuance of the wedding. I was skeptical too. Nevertheless, I had conveyed all of this to Shiv on our first call, and in an ever-courteous tone he said, “No problem, ma’am, we have never captured a TamBrahm wedding before, but rest assured we will come prepared” and asked if I could share any document that summarizes a TamBrahm wedding. And he promptly agreed!


On the D-Day:
We have the groom and folks arrive very early in the morning from Chennai at around 5:30 am. I had almost gone anxious and went ranting about on how early I would like Shiv and his team arrive at the venue, to not miss out on the welcoming part.  Sure enough, the team kept up with their word and they were there right on time.

There were times when the team had an earful on the do’s and don’ts on the wedding, brickbats and various members of the family expressing their views too. My husband and I were worried if we will have any repercussions of the same. But to our surprise, the crew were not one bit indignant on being riled, the team kept doing great throughout the two days of the event.

Are you in  search of Best Wedding Photographer? Contact Phometo. We provide Professional and creative Photographers for all types of Photography ...
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I must be honest with you, as these kinds of suggestions cannot be avoided in a large gathering, I have come across photographers who have clauses wherein, if any family member/friends provide any suggestions they would storm out without any prior notice! That’s rude and scary at the same time.


Should I call myself blessed or just lucky, that nobody and absolutely nothing could demotivate or hinder this guy and his team. I sometimes stutter due to lack of words to just try and convey how well my D-day was captured.


Post-wedding Blues:
Yes, that holds good for the photographers as well. Once, we were back from our honeymoon, we had the softcopy ready. But wait, that’s not over yet!


Edits-re-edits-Repeat were on the loop for a good couple of months, but hey! Do you think this bogged down this guy yet? No you are wrong! He converted all these requests, customizations, needs and necessities into his positive stride and never ever gave us a NO for anything.


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We had the final copy in and our hands and boy!! Are we done with looking at it? – nope! We had flipped through the pages probably a hundred times over the weekend.  The wedding video was nothing short of re-living the wedding day once again, we had our entire family lined up in front of the TV. And had the same emotions, pouring out of everybody’s eyes as that of the wedding day! How much realistic can you get with a camera? Well, the answer lies in how much dedicated you can get with your work and the connect that I was talking about? That’s something you will find in abundance with Shiv and his team. Everyone in the family- young and old remember every one of the crew members, and THAT is the kind of impression you leave with. Shiv, you have a phenomenal future ahead of you!


Thank you- can be an understatement for your efforts and dedication, for freezing those perfect moments that we will cherish upon for a very long time to come.

Thanks for your patient reading !!

By the way here are some of the Best Pictures from our Wedding 🙂

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