Who are Phometo and what they do?
We are one stop solution for all your photography needs. We offer professional photography services such as Wedding Photography, Cinematography, Couple shoots, Album designing and printing etc.
Can I see the previous samples of work done by the photographer?
Of course, you can! You can ask the photographer for catalogs of his/her previous work done. You will be able to take a better decision if you see their samples of work with them.
Will the photographer have backup or spare equipment in case things go wrong?
Backup plan is extremely essential. Having an extra set of equipment might just save the day. Our professionals do carry spare equipment for backup. However, you can confirm the same by asking directly.
What about post production?
One important factor affecting how your pictures turn out after the event is post production. We highly recommend that you ask this question to the photographer you hire.
What is the process and mode of payment?
Discuss the process of payment with the photographer, about how much you need to pay in advance, and how much after the event. You can pay the amount in cash, or you can also use online means like credit/debit card, net banking using a phometo payment link that will be shared with you during payment. You can select the option and proceed to payment in the payment page.
How much does Candid Photography Cost?
Candid photography prices vary from photographer to photographer. You can get a complete quotation from our service partner once you place a request with us.