Howdy! Welcome to PHOMETO. We are an avid, artistic and ingenious team who have pictured over 2000+ events, Documented memories of 300+ couples, perpetually exploring ingenious ways to tell stories through the pictures. We believe that weddings are one of the purest reflection of emotions of love in life. Our goal is not only to capture the moment, but also to narrate the story of emotions. We pour ourselves into every project we are a part of and we devote ourselves to create unique photos.

Our delightful clients refers us as one of the best photographers in India. A bunch of abundant talents being photographers and cinematographers here in our team are focusing on making charming and hearty pictures and visuals on each events. Having different perspectives and bizarre we are agitate to preserve your memories forever.

Rockstar Team

Shiv Prakash
An Ex-Investment banker, Entrepreneur, young artist based in Bengaluru. For him viewing the world through the lens of a camera started as a hobby and gradually spiraled into a passion that drove him to be a Photographer. Having an inborn creativity led him to become a photographer. Shiv leads our team as CEO and Creative head, he designs the wedding plans for our team.
Vinay S
Started his photography life with a roll camera now having a wealth of experience with specialty camera rigs, Steady cams, Drones, Different types of lens, and High Definition cameras. Vinay expresses story telling Pictures through Photojournalistic /candid style of shooting. He acts as COO who takes care of complete production work. You would find him either in studio or production set running around like a busy bee.
An ex-auditor, Entrepreneur A jovial and fun loving person acting as relationship manager stays connected with our clients and helps them on wedding plans. Karthik develops business plans for us.
Client Relationship Specialist
The voice you would hear when you dial in us, An Energetic and enthusiastic soul acting as bridge between clients and us.
Senior Graphic Designer
Creative mind behind every album designs that we present to our clients.
Rakesh Ambrose
Photo & VFX Artist
A multi talented artist, Leading photographer and cinematographer and also a VFX artist
Senior Graphic Designer
Calm and cool are synonyms of Arun, Expert in designing unconventional and western style albums
Video & VFX Artist
Another creative visual artist, Has a perfect sync with our cinematographers, gives an artistic touch to the visuals that we create.
Design Associate
Joined us as an intern now being most creative design associate, He also acts a second shooter in our team.
Process Associate
Graphic Designer