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Baby Photoshoot Packages in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

If you are trying to know how much does a baby photoshoot cost in Bangalore? Refer this Phometo's Standard baby shoot Price list and packages. These are standard rates and these baby photography charges vary depending upon your exact requirements, we request you to place a call Back request, to get customized Quotations.

Newborn Photoshoot Packages in Bangalore
0 to 5 months
Rs 12,000- 20,000

Package Includes

Package Basic StandardPremium
Price 12000 15000 20000
Duration 2 hrs 3 hrs 3- 4 hrs
Photography Style Candid Candid Candid
Deliverables 20 edited
30 edited
40 edited images
+ Album 20 Sheets
Themes(+Props) 2 Themes 3 Themes 3- 4 Themes
Baby Photoshoot Packages in Bangalore
0.6 months - 2 years
Rs 10,000 - 20,000

Package Includes

Package StandardClassic Premium
Price 10000 15000 20000
Duration1 hr 2 hrs 3 hrs
Pictures IncludesBaby Baby + Parents Baby + Parents + Extended Family
Deliverables15 Images 25 images +
Photo Reel
35 images +
Photo Reel + 15 sheets Album
Themes 3 - 4
attractive themes
Unlimted themes + Cake Smash (optn) Unlimted themes +
Cake Smash (optn)
Kids Photoshoot Packages in Bangalore
Above 2 years
Rs 8,000 - 15,000

Package Includes

Package StandardClassic Premium
Price 8000 12000 15000
Duration1 hr 2 hrs 2 hrs
Pictures IncludesBaby Baby + Parents Baby + Parents + Extended Family
Deliverables15 Images 25 Images +
Photo Reel
35 Images +
Photo Reel + Album
Themes 2 Themes 2 Themes 3 Themes

Baby Photoshoot in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

Place request and our team will call you to understand the requirements

We Are Customer's Favorite

They did a splendid job again with my baby photoshoot. Communication with the team is very smooth. The edited pictures and the baby photoshoot album came up beautifully as expected. PHOMETO has become my first option for any of my photography needs. Thanks a ton, guys for making our memories stay ever with your great Kids Photoshoot!
Anusha Pavagada

Anusha Pavagada

They did splendid job again !
Customer relation managers are the best when it comes to quality, clarity and professionalism. We are chuffed to the bits to see the images of our baby daughter’s naming ceremony photoshoot and couldn’t thank Phometo more! They understood our needs and handled the event without any fuss. Don’t think twice before taking their photography services as the end product is just happiness. Special thanks to professional photographers for the day's work on the shoot.


They understood our needs and handled the event without any fuss.
We booked PHOMETO for the baby photoshoot. The baby was comfortably handled at the time of the shoot. The photographers were very patient, and the editors have good editing knowledge. The entire team did a very good job. Overall we were satisfied with the Baby photography service and had the best experience.
Vinay Shetty

Vinay Shetty

The baby was comfortably handled at the time of the shoot
Thank you Phometo for the excellent Baby Photography in Bangalore!
Loved the pictures taken by the team, very professional and good. The baby photographers were truly amazing and the whole team was very dedicated. So overall a very brilliant experience... Definitely highly recommended!!
Shwetha Anoop

Shwetha Anoop

Thank you Phometo for the excellent Baby Photography in Bangalore!
We got our baby shoot done by Phometo. Very professional and good quality work. The photographer & videographer- Shiv and Ravi were very patient and took amazing shots. The editing work by Sai has been outstanding, he was open to feedback and promptly addressed the requests. Also, I want to mention Pavithra, who coordinated and ensured it was a pleasant experience. Thankyou, Phometo team.


Baby Photoshoot
This is the second time we had our photoshoot with PHOMETO. Excellent experience again. Photographer prajwal is very friendly and professional. The location we have chosen near our home is not that scenic, but he managed to click very beautiful pics. We are so happy with his Baby Photoshoot work and Phometo team. Thank you ????.
Gopi Chand

Gopi Chand

This is second time we had our photoshoot with Phometo.

Hire Best Baby Photoshoot in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore


We, as a PHOMETO Baby Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore team, create pictures that commemorate your growing family.

We may relive memories through images. There are many memorable events in life that we all wish we could relive. Our team at PHOMETO Photography has recorded many of these moments throughout our careers as newborn photoshoots, toddler photoshoots, baby photographers Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore, Kids photographers, and Cake smash Photoshoot in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore. These moments are now shared with the world so that everyone may partake in them.

Most people believe that your baby photoshoot album needs a million images to tell the tale of your child. But at PHOMETO, we are aware that it all comes down to getting the correct shot at the right moment. Each shot is conceptualized and motion captured to present a fascinating tale.

With a variety of alternatives for your baby photoshoot, we allow you to either let your imagination run wild or keep it natural and catch your baby in the moment, whether it be an outdoor baby photoshoot, a home toddler photoshoot, or a kids photography studio session. In any case, the kids' family portrait is brought to life by PHOMETO Baby Photoshoot, giving you a once-in-a-million moment to cherish.

We looooove kids. We also adore baby photography...

Do you have Baby Photoshoot Studio in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore?

Yes we do have Baby Photoshoot Studios at Vijayanagar and HSR Layout Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore. You can get your theme baby photoshoot done at any of these locations. We also provide exclusive Photoshoots with Themes and Props for baby girl photoshoot and baby boy photoshoot respectively. Kindly connect with our customer relationship team to get more details.

Themes for Baby Photoshoot at PHOMETO Photography Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore:

We have one of the best baby photo shoot studio setups in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore with 25+ themes to make amazing moments of your kids with family and friends.

PHOMETO is the best place for your search for baby photo shoot studio near me! We can also customize the themes for baby shoot based on your requirement as well.

We can customize themes for baby shoot based occasions and festivals like- Krishna theme baby shoot, Raghavendra Swamy theme baby photoshoot, Dussehra photoshoot for baby, Deepavali Diwali baby photoshoot, etc..
And we have theme setups for jungle theme baby, moon theme baby photoshoot, Chef theme or kitchen theme, school time, beach baby theme, pumpkin theme baby shoot, cricket theme baby shoot, Mc Donald's theme baby shoot, etc.
Contact us for best theme baby photoshoot enquires, packages and quotes.

Newborn Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore| Just Born Baby Photoshoot:

The newborn babies are always ecstasy to watch and this juncture is very precious and never gets the same opportunity over a while. The arrival of a newborn in the family is a treasured instant that every parent cherishes and wants to seize in memories.

As a parent, it is always a wise choice to get capture these adorable fine moments of your cute little munchkins by professional newborn photographers as they can create better newborn photoshoot ideas and creativity. Our Professional Newborn Photography Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore team can assist in creating tremendously beautiful images of your newborn's tiny teeny moments, purity, features and beauty, presence, etc.

The Newborn Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore is gaining popularity as most parents want to seize the running time of their little one's moments. It's no longer just about taking a few quick snaps on your phone; it's about creating beautiful, timeless images that you can cherish for years to come. So why shelve, call us now to book our professional newborn photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore team to seize the lovely instances of your little newborns. Cherish your baby's beautiful moments with PHOMETO Newborn Shoot album with friends and family for life.

Baby Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore | Toddler Photoshoot | Kids Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

Aren't you feeling that your newborn baby is growing up so quickly in an eyes blink time? Whether it's a newborn, infant photography, or toddler photoshoot, your kid's moments are precious and unique. So it is important to capture every phase to adore the memories for a lifetime. And this can be cached forever through your Kids' photoshoots.

We love our profession and love being able to create beautifully fantastic photographs for our customers both in our studio space and on location. And ensure to deliver you with the finest kids photoshoot service as we concede how precious and exquisite family Baby photoshoots can be!

Some popular and bestselling toddler photoshoot or Kids photoshoot themes are the Heart bowl theme, Bathtub theme, Kitchen them, jungle theme, the floating bed with tent theme, the library theme, cake smash photography, etc.

Now book professional and talented Kids or Baby photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore from us and think the job is done. We help you create incredible portraits of your baby and print the finest quality baby photoshoot albums. We have Phometo Premium Album, Karizma Album Design, Canvera Album design, and printing to cherish your baby's best juncture with these beautiful Baby photobook.


Prior to the session:

- Make sure you have not scheduled paediatric vaccines during the week leading up to your baby photoshoot session.
- If you aren't using the studio closet, choose your clothes and try them on before the baby photo shoot session. Ensure that they fit easily and are comfortable so can have the baby photoshoot at ease.
- Steam or iron the clothing.
- Make sure you are stress-free on the day of your session. Plan properly, so you can arrive at the studio calmly. Relaxed parenting result in relaxed children.

Day of the Session:

- Having a well-fed and well-rested infant is the most crucial thing you can do to promote a wonderful baby photo shoot session. Before coming, please ensure they've taken their nap and food or bottle.
- Before the baby photo shoot session, feed your child. Even though I have mentioned it, it bears repeating. Before you enter, even leave a spare bottle in the car or baby meal prep. Babies in hunger don't make for good photos.
- The last thing you want is a restless baby, so make sure they take their nap. A fresh face! This is a major concern. Please wash their face and nose before they enter the studio. If needed, we can clean them up a little bit more if you bring wipes and drool towels to the studio.

Get prepared for a fun session of your munchkin with PHOMETO Baby Photoshoot!

Best Cake Smash Photography Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore| PHOMETO Baby Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

Cake Smash Photography is the trend these days as part of Kids or Baby Photoshoot in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore. We have a great team of professional Kids photographers who are experienced at this. We have had numerous Kids Cake Smash Photography with great success. The only thing you have to concentrate on before the baby photoshoot is their mood. As you know them better, book a session based on their awake time. As mentioned above ensure that they are fed on time, bathed before coming, and had a good sleep so that they are not cranky at the time of the shoot.

With all these minute preparation, you can experience the best Best Cake Smash Photography session for your kid. And cherish the best portraits forever.

Have You Been Scouring for the Best Baby Photoshoot Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka?

You can find the Best Baby Photographer in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore here at PHOMETO with professional skills. We want to do our part in adding to your joy by bringing you the best quote. Art takes time, so we only work with a limited number of assignments with great passion.

We are professionals who thoroughly comprehend the significance of Baby Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore. We are earmarked to hold your baby's most extraordinary moments through the best Baby photoshoot.

Look for the best baby photoshoot near me. For the best places for baby photoshoot in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore, or the finest quote based on the prerequisite and bookings, baby photoshoot price in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore, you can contact PHOMETO support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a baby or newborn photoshoot studio photographer near me?
PHOMETO Baby Photoshoot Studio in Bangalore is one of the best places for your search baby photography near me. We have a team of professional photographers and cater kids photoshoot both at the studio and at the location of your choice. You can contact us for your baby shoot, and our CRM team will always be there to help you with the best themes, packages and quick quotes.
How can I plan my baby photo shoot at home? And How about the baby photoshoot props?
Pace yourself, keep the baby safe, seize the minute details and experiment with angles and standpoints. You can use nice warm woolen stoles to drape or spread on the floor and experiment with balloons, flowers, or toys for the background. Keep in mind that lighting is most important for the pictures you take. So it was always better to hire a skilled photographer, as these pictures are very special..! Phometo can facilitate with the professional Baby Shoot Photographer and guide you with newborn photoshoot ideas at home with the best themes and props.
What is the Baby Photoshoot price offered by Phometo? And how much does Baby Photo shoot cost?
The Baby Photoshoot price will vary depending on the services and package you select, such as the photography style (Traditional or Candid, or a combination of both), cinematography, drones, an album, design services, etc. However our Baby Photo shoot cost varies between Rs. 7000 and 24000. We request you to fillup the form above to get the customized Baby Photography packages.
What is the best age for newborn photoshoot?
The best time to take newborn baby pictures is between the ages of 5 and 25 days. The pictures during this period come up remarkably beautiful as infants are still very relaxed, curled up, and sleepy. However, the newborn photoshoot can be done within 2 to 3 months if the baby supports it.
How do I choose the location for my newborn photoshoot?
A newborn photo shoot can be shot in the customer's place or at our Studios- located at Vijayanagar and another at HSR layout, Bangalore. Our HSR Studio- Baby's Backyard has numerous presets and backdrops, one should visit to create their growing family memories as beautiful portraits. For further information, you can contact us.
Looking for themed Krishna Janmashtami Baby Photoshoot?
PHOMETO Offers the best Krishna theme Baby Photoshoot with exclusive offers on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. Call us to know more, grab great offers and to create best memories of your kids Krishna Janmashtami photoshoot.