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Birthday Photographers Packages in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

If you are trying to know how much does birthday party photography packages bangalore? Refer this Phometo's Standard birthday photography Price list and packages. These are standard rates and these 1st birthday photography charges vary depending upon your exact requirements, we request you to place a call Back request, to get customized Quotations.

Birthday Photography Packages
(Inclusive of GST)
Rs 10,000 - 20,000

Package Includes

Styles Traditional
Price 10,00020,000
DurationUpto 5 hrsUpto 5 hrs
soft copies
Unlimited soft copies
+ 50 Edited
Birthday Video Coverage Package
(Inclusive of GST)
Rs 12,000 - 28,000

Package Includes

(Candid Video)
Price 12,00028,000
DurationUpto 5 hrsUpto 5 hrs
Deliverables 20 mns- 1hrs
Full HD Video
2- 5 min Full
HD Cinematic Video
Birthday Photography and Video Coverage
Packages (Inclusive of GST)
Rs 20,000 - 35,000

Package Includes

StylesTraditional Photography+
(Conventional Video)
Traditional Photography+
(Candid Video)
DurationUpto 5 HrsUpto 5 Hrs
Deliverables Unlimited soft copies +
20 mins- 1hrs Full HD Video
Unlimited soft copies +
2-5min Full HD Video

Birthday Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

Place request and our team will call you to understand the requirements

We Are Customer's Favorite

Booked Phometo for my daughter's 1st birthday Photography. The first experience is always the best to experience & I would like to give 5 stars for their professionalism, quality, value for money, and the way they respond to the customer. Apart from the above, they are very much patient. special thanks to RACHANA. Customer service is always important for any business and RACHANA is at the top. Going further my 1st preference is PHOMETO. Good job, keep continuing the same.
Tummala Hemanth

Tummala Hemanth

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Booked them for my son's first birthday during the lockdown. Nice experience!
Surekha Anumala

Surekha Anumala

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Booked Phometo birthday photography team for my niece's birthday party. They were very professional & came on time with all the equipment. The Birthday photographer was always looking for opportunities to click photos and even had a photo session for family members before the party. Very happy with the PHOMETO birthday photographer Bangalore and their professionalism. Thank you Guys..
Anuj Agrawal

Anuj Agrawal

Very happy with the PHOMETO birthday photographer Bangalore and their professionalism
Phometo has completed my 3rd assignment for birthday photography successfully. I am very happy with their standard & candid birthday photography in Bangalore. 10/10 on the candid videography, they are excellent at it! Special appreciation to the cinematic editor on my son's birthday video edit ????
Nandini .A.S

Nandini .A.S

Phometo has completed my 3rd assignment successfully!
Highly recommended, very nice photography. I opted for my baby's first birthday photoshoot. Prabhu was the photographer. He took very nice shot in small span of time. Out of complete 3 hours of event he got only few minutes to capture baby's photo still he managed to take so nice shot . It is very good experience with Phometo and special thanks to Prabhu, he did fabulous Birthday Photography!
Debasish Karan

Debasish Karan

Highly recommended , very nice photography
I can give more then 100 stars, it was more then expected and the responsibility of the employees are extraordinary level. Got to know about PHOMETO from google , and I would like to share a little story behind it , it was my little princess 1st birthday and wanted to capture the memories. I spoke to Shail (CRM), she is wonderful person and arranged the best photographer for birthday party which eased my tension. And the photos and album was delivered as more more then expected. She surprised us with the photo frame and that is our first family pic with photo frame.
Tears came down when seeing the album and captures were such a fantastic..! My BEST WISHES to PHOMETO TEAM...
Divya Bharathi

Divya Bharathi

I can give more then 100 stars..

Hire Best Birthday Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore

Birthday Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore | Photographer for Birthday Party in bangalore

A birthday party photographer is a professional photographer who specializes in taking birthday photography. They are typically hired to capture candid and posed photos of the guests, the birthday person, and any special moments or activities that take place during the party. The photographer for birthday party in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore often works with the host to plan and coordinate the photo shoot and may provide their services at the party venue or a separate location. Many Kids' birthday party photographers offer packages that include a set number of photos or a photo album, and may also provide additional services such as photo editing and retouching.

Phometo Birthday Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore are innovative professionals who capture the moments of your life in a unique way that you would adore to remember them forever. Our photographers are trained to capture the essence of celebrations and bring them alive through Birthday photography Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore. You can rest assured if you are booking PHOMETO Kids Birthday party photographers for your upcoming event. We capture every moment of your life and make the most of your memories.

If you are opting PHOMETO Birthday Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore, then you can customize the birthday photography packages based on your requirements and budget. We assure you of our best quality photography service in commemorating your loved one's special day.

Why do you need a professional Birthday Photographer?

A birthday party is one of the most important events in a child’s life. Make sure they have an unforgettable experience by capturing their special day on camera! Capture the magic of childhood with the help of creative professional birthday photographers for your kids' birthday parties. From family portraits to fun group shots, there are so many ways to capture the best moments from your child's big day. A creative birthday photographer will help you create memorable birthday candid photos that your little ones will love forever.

With our best photography for Birthday party team, we ensure to snap away your child's candid moments as soon as they start smiling and the happy instants with your family and friends.

A birthday photography album is a great way to remember all the fun times you had at your kid’s birthday party. But how do you capture those moments without making much effort and enjoy the party as well? Booking a professional birthday photographer is always the best option! Hire photographer for birthday party who will put you at ease and take care of the photography responsibilities. We transform your moment of happiness in the form of beautiful portraits and albums. The birthday candid photography album will help you to cherish memories with your family and friends forever.

Search for the finest birthday photographer near me to book PHOMETO Birthday Photographer in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore for your upcoming event. Call us on +91 96202 00005 to know the 1st birthday photography packages or pre birthday shoot price and get a quick quote for your query.

Finding a Photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore for Birthday Party or Birthday Photography in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore:

Keep a track of your Children's birthday moments every year. One of the most special days of the year is the birthday. We plan it to make it special all the time. Being creative is the most important thing to make your birthday or your child's birthday memorable. Children are the center of attraction full of energy and joy. Always capturing the fun, expressions of the birthday kid is very much required and it’s more fun. Cuteness starts flooding all over the party hall. Birthday occasions are the best occasions for having fun and it helps photographers to get the best clicks. Using more and more props would make such occasions colourful. The celebration finally ends up with the photos and the job of the Birthday photographers is to uphold and portray the same essence of celebration through photos. And the "Phometo" is meant to give valuable justice to those photos and celebrations by capturing the best pictures as a part of Birthday Photography Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore.

So if you are looking for photographers in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore for Birthday party or Phometo is the best option to pick for. We are one of the Top Rated Birthday Photographer in Basaweshwara Nagar, Bangalore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Birthday Photographers near me?
If you are looking for a Birthday Photoshoot in Bangalore, then phometo Services is the best place. You can always ask for samples to have a better understanding. We have a great team of professional photographers with creativity and hands-on experience. Quick Quote and best service assured.
How much does a Birthday photoshoot cost in Bangalore?
A standard photoshoot for Birthday can be bagged for an average price of 7 to 25 thousand rupees. Which includes Semi-Candid photography style, Conventional video, Album and Bluray disk. You can always call PHOMETO for a quick quote and to get your best photography service to make your event memorable forever.
How much would a cameraman for Birthday party cost?
On average, the cameraman for birthday party would cost you around 25K for photography, videography plus Album respectively. However, the cost may vary based on the style of the photography and the size of the event. If you are in search of the best cameraman for birthday party, then without a second thought you can book PHOMETO for the best services as part of your loved ones' Birthday celebrations. Call us to know more.
How much does birthday photography cost? And what is the photographer for birthday party price offered by Phometo?
The photographer for birthday party price will vary depending on the services and package you select, such as the photography style (Traditional or Candid, or a combination of both), cinematography, drones, an album, design services, etc. However, our birthday photography cost in Bangalore varies between Rs. 8000 and 65000. We request you fill-up the form above to get the customized birthday photography packages.