How to improve product photography

How to improve product photography- Increasingly business is selling their products online, and since online sales depend to a large extent on photo quality, many businesses would like to know how to improve product photography for their products. In offline stores, where the customer can touch, feel and in some cases like clothes try or wear the product being sold. On the other hand, for products sold online, the customer relies mainly on the photos which are provided at the online retail website for deciding whether he wishes to purchase the product. Hence some tips for improving the photographs of products sold online are provided to help online store owners or those who wish to become online retailers.

Photographing the entire product

Since the customer is relying on the photos alone, it is important to ensure that the entire product is included in the photograph. Ideally, there should be sufficient blank space around the product, for better quality images. The camera should be kept at the same level as the product while taking the photo so that all details are visible clearly. For textile and other items, there should be no wrinkles in the product in the photo. Other products should also be in prime condition without any stains, fingerprints or other makes on them.


The lighting used determines the quality of the product photos to a large extent. It is important to ensure that the exposure for the product is adequate, to prevent shadows and dark areas in the photo. If required multiple lighting sources may have to be used so that the product is illuminated uniformly. Using a light box can ensure that the lighting is uniform, and the photographer can reduce the exposure as required. However, using extremely bright or harsh lighting can adversely affect, the quality of the photo because of the glare. Hence, harsh lighting should be avoided.

Multiple photos

Unlike offline stores, where the shopper can view the product from all angles before deciding to purchase it, the visitor to the online store has to rely only on the photos which are provided to decide whether to purchase the product or not. Hence it is important to take photos of the products from different angles so that the online shopper can visualize the product and decide whether to purchase it. The number of photos required depends to a large extent on the design of the product. For example for some products like a ball, a few photos will be adequate, for complex products like machinery, vehicles more photos will be required.


It is important to ensure that the photos are uniform with the product located in the center of the photo. All the photos should be taken from the same angle for greater consistency. This will ensure that the visitor to the retail store, will find that the images are consistent in their design, and the online store is organized properly. It is advisable to invest in a camera tripod since it will offer more control while taking the photo. The tripod allows the camera owner to adjust the time, lighting and angle at which the photograph is being taken.


Many photos have a background or shadows which adversely affect the quality of the image. Using an image processing software like Photoshop, the background of the photo should be removed. If it’s hard for you to maintain photo then you can outsource clipping path or photo editing service form various company. The photos should be consistent in their size so that the online shopper has a better user experience. The margins of the product in the photo should also be uniform. Any reflection should also be removed. It is advisable to save the images in PNG format so that they can merge with the background colors of the website where the photos are being posted.

Why quality matters

For many online shoppers, the quality of the photos and the information which is provided about the product is a reflection of the business which is selling the product. If the photos provided are consistent, of good quality and provides the information required, the visitor to the online store is more likely to trust the seller and place an order. Hence, online retailers should invest some time and money in ensuring that they have high-quality photos for their online store, to increase the conversion rate for visitors.


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