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Drone Photography Packages in Bangalore

If you are trying to know how much does drone photography or videography cost in Bangalore? Refer this Phometo's Standard drone videography Price list and packages. These are standard rates and these drone or arial photography or videography charges vary depending upon your exact requirements, we request you to place a call Back request, to get customized Quotations.

Rs 5000 - 8000

Package Includes

Duration1 hrs
DeliverablesSoft copies
Rs 10000

Package Includes

Duration3 hrs
DeliverablesSoft copies
Rs 15000

Package Includes

Duration5 hrs
Photography + VideoAriel
DeliverablesSoft copies

Drone Photography in Bangalore

Place request and our team will call you to understand the requirements

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We opted for a Drone shoot for Our Pre wedding Photography. Their Professional Photographers captured wonderful moments. The Photos were also good. We recommend Phometo to everyone.


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Drone Photography in Bangalore

Sometime capturing and recording your memories from common point of view is not enough, How about an Ariel view? Amazing isnt it? How tiny you would look in a birds eye view when you are in between the nature. Never miss to capture those, Our professional drone photographers will document the pictures in best possible frame in an Ariel view. When you are in a best location for a pre wedding shoot it must require a drone shoot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a drone cameraman for hire near Bengaluru, Karnataka?
If you are in search of the best drone cameraman for hire near Bengaluru, Karnataka! Then yes, we do furnish drone cameraman service. PHOMETO has top-notch types of equipment and professional photographers who can help you to commemorate your events photography at an excellent level and create great memories. Contact us, to know about the drone photography cost, package and services.
What is the drone photography price offered by Phometo? And how much does drone photography cost?
The drone photography price or drone videography price or drone shooting charges, will vary depending on the number of sessions or hours and the service combination of both. However, our drone photography cost varies between Rs. 5000 and 8000, drone video shooting price is 10,000 onwards, and the combination would be 15,000 onwards. We request you to fill-up the form above to get the customized drone video shooting price and packages.