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Events Photographers Packages in Mandya

If you are trying to know how much do photographers charge for events in Bangalore? Refer this Phometo's Standard Event Photography Price list and packages. These are standard rates and the cost of Event Photoshoot charges vary depending upon your exact requirements, we request you to place a call Back request, to get customized Quotations.

Event Photography Packages
(Inclusive of GST)
Rs 10,000 - 20,000

Package Includes

Styles Traditional
Price 10,00020,000
DurationUpto 5 hrsUpto 5 hrs
soft copies
Unlimited soft copies
+ 50 Edited
Event Videography Package
(Inclusive of GST)
Rs 12,000 - 28,000

Package Includes

(Candid Video)
Price 12,00028,000
DurationUpto 5 hrsUpto 5 hrs
Deliverables 20 mns- 1hrs
Full HD Video
2- 5 min Full
HD Cinematic Video
Event Photography and Video Coverage
Packages (Inclusive of GST)
Rs 20,000 - 35,000

Package Includes

StylesTraditional Photography+
(Conventional Video)
Traditional Photography+
(Candid Video)
DurationUpto 5 HrsUpto 5 Hrs
Deliverables Unlimited soft copies +
20 mins- 1hrs Full HD Video
Unlimited soft copies +
2-5min Full HD Video

Events Photographers in Mandya

Place request and our team will call you to understand the requirements

We Are Customer's Favorite

These guys are just amazing.. !! We booked PHOMETO, Mysore for our Wedding Photography. They are highly innovative, and the outcome of their work on our wedding album reflected their commitment. The Wedding Candid Portraits were picture-perfect and outstanding. Our whole family with the result. They gave us a sense of being unique and exceptional. PHOMETO are now our permanent photography crew!
Deeraj Agharwal

Deeraj Agharwal

Event Photography
Wonderful photography. Would like to make a special mention of Shiv, who was our photographer for the evening. Amazing pics and very patient as well as very professional. We were a group of 50 and of all ages but he managed to click each and every person.
Thank you for making our event so memorable.
Shilpi Tamotia

Shilpi Tamotia

Wonderful photography
Thank you PHOMETO for covering our Company Corporate event significantly. We are happy with your patience and professionalism at your work.
Thomas Raj

Thomas Raj

Event Photoshoot Bangalore
These guys are just amazing.. !! We booked PHOMETO, Bangalore for our Wedding Photography. They are highly innovative, and the outcome of their work on our wedding album reflected their commitment. The Wedding Candid Portraits were picture-perfect and outstanding. Our whole family with the result. They gave us a sense of being unique and exceptional. PHOMETO are now our permanent photography crew!
Deeraj Agharwal

Deeraj Agharwal

Event Photography
Fantastic photography work was done for our sports event. They handled our query very smoothly and with professionalism. They customized the package and gave a reasonable price based on our requirements. Thank you guys, I will surely refer PHOMETO to my friends and peer group.
Ravi Devedi

Ravi Devedi

Sport Day Event Photography
Phometo team is too good to work with. I like the entire team and their dedication towards this profession. My Engagement photography portraits are appreciable???????? And their editing skills are also amazing.

Thank you team for the support. Looking forward to meeting you for my other occasions!


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Hire Best Events Photographers in Mandya


Mandya is one of the major business hubs and the location of numerous multinational corporations as well as up-and-coming startups. It is also the most active in aspects of competitiveness and networking. Despite an ocean of competitors trying to do the same, several businesses are trying to craft fortes of their own. One of the best methods for a business to stand out in such a condition is by using events to promote your brand.

How do you go about doing this? To ensure that your event is presented gracefully in media circles, you should hire a skilled corporate event photographer in Mandya. For the firm sponsoring it, a corporate event is a major occasion since news coverage of it can have long-lasting effects. Event photography which is both aesthetically impressive and well-planned is an essential element of this dish. You can be assured that employing a skilled event photographer in Bengaluru/ Karnataka to photograph and create high-quality content for your digital platforms will further encourage consumers to use your services or attend forthcoming events.

If you are planning an event and want to know the event photography packages of PHOMETO. Call us @ +91 96202 00005 to get the best event photography quotes.

What Makes a Professional Event Photographers in Mandya / Karnataka needful?

A corporate event photographer's goal goes well beyond just taking photos and films. A competent event photographer, like those at PHOMETO, works with the business to highlight its capabilities in photographs. The objective is to use visuals to communicate the mission, brand, and set of values of your firm.

Customers now want to first look at a company's online presence across various platforms before communicating with them or making a purchase from them in the ever-evolving world we live in. Your event photography level of information, quality, and presentation may serve as a major selling point in this instance. Therefore, through impactful pictures, a professional event photographer may influence your customer acquisition, engagement, and business interest.

Event Photographer Mandya :

What's the best way to catch the heart and soul of your next event forever? Yes, Hire the best event photographers for any single event you are planning to organize. Our proficient event photographers will take care to document your special day artistically.

Event Photographer Mandya operates across Karnataka to equip high-quality and excellent, professional event photography and photographic services for companies and businesses great and small. With precision and carefulness, the most flexible delivery of service, and the swiftest product turnabout, Event photographer Mandya is the wise choice to shoot your following event or occasion.

Our simple yet suave service implies that we provide you with the right Event Photographer – who is knowledgeable and backed by our expert team. The photographers are well aware of the locations or the area and know the shooting essentials. We ensure that customers receive hassle-free service. Our clients will be assigned the same key management individual for the events from scratch to end.

PHOMETO Event Photographers in Mandya perform at all kinds of events – from large-scale indoors to outdoor exhibits. Like business event photography, exhibitions to conferences, and indelible events like parties, awards, gala feasts, corporate event photographers, etc.

We deliver videography, cinematography, and special events photographer expertise and assistance for all types of events including conferences, forums, expos, product launches, gala dinners, award ceremonies, in-store promotions, training sessions, industry panels, portraits, special occasions, festivals, etc.

For any of your events, for any photography requirements you are looking for, PHOMETO has got it..!

If you are looking photographer for small events or big event photographer bangalore, PHOMETO make ensures to provide the best quality and professional event photography service. Search for event photography near me or event photographers near me to prearrange your upcoming event with PHOMETO Event Photographers Bengaluru Karnataka. You can contact us for event photography packages and price information. We can customize the package based on your event requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wedding photography cost in Bangalore?
Our basic event photography packages start from Rs 35000 to 65000. And the premium events photography packages range from Rs 155000 – 205000, this package includes traditional plus Candid Photography Style, traditional video and cinematography, albums plus blurry disk, drone, LED Walls, Tv, etc. PHOMETO also caters the customized services with the combination of both traditional and candid photography based on the customer’s budget.
How much does a photoshoot cost in Bangalore?
The photoshoot cost in Bangalore depends on each different event and the coverage. The package starts from Rs 5000 – Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. The price majorly depends on the type of devices and equipment going to be used.
There are aspects too that decide the cost of event photography. For example, if it is a large-scale conference event for a company. The cost for this event will vary from that of a close-knit birthday bash. The more area they have to cover, the more they will charge. The portion of services you require from them is another consideration.
What do you need to consider before choosing an event photographer in Bangalore?
There are certain aspects that one has to be cautious before starting to scrutinize the event photographers. The essential thing to dart for is the quality of work. A photographer who does not provide high-quality photographs is primarily of no use. You can check the ratings and listings on the website or google and get in touch with them. Ask for samples and previous portfolios, if you are unsure about the work. One more factor to consider is the quality of equipment and devices, which impacts the ultimate result of Photography.
What are the basic event photography packages near Bangalore, Karnataka?
You have arrived at the right place for your search, event photographer near me! Our event photography packages or the price depends on the area of coverage and no. of sessions booked. Our basic events photography prices and package starts from 10,000 in Bangalore, Karnataka. The prices vary based on the requirement and which type of event you book. PHOMETO ensures you the best Event Photography in Bangalore Karnataka.
What would be the cameraman hire cost in Bangalore?
How much does it cost to hire a cameraman for Event Photography? The cameraman hire cost in Bangalore for any Event would depend on the size of the event and the services they choose. Styles like Candid photography and Cinematography, Traditional photography and videography, drone cameraman, etc. On average it would start from 10k for cameraman hire cost in Bangalore for a basic level service. Call us to know more and get a quotation based on the requirement of the event.
What is the event photography price offered by Phometo? And how much does event photography cost?
The event photography prices packages will vary depending on the services and package you select, such as the photography style (Traditional or Candid, or a combination of both), cinematography, drones, an album, design services, etc. However, our event photography cost varies between Rs. 5000 and 250000. We request you to fill up the form above to get the customized event photography packages.