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Photo Restoration Service in Bangalore

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Excellent service. The team was really helpful throughout, from advising us on photo quality to timely delivery. The staff was very welcoming, and the price was very fair.


Photo Restoration Service
An excellent location for converting old photo negatives to digital images. They did a good job and prices are reasonable.
Adithya Rao

Adithya Rao

Old Photo Restoration
Amazing work done. do check out this place for the best Photo restoration Service in Bangalore
Parag Jain

Parag Jain

Amazing work done..!

Hire Best Photo Restoration Service in Bangalore

Photo Restoration Service in Bangalore | Repair your old damaged Photo online

All memories are special in their own way. Some leave a good experience and some bad. Photographs are the best way to retain memories, it has the capacity for healing pain. What if, any damage happens to those precious photographs overtime? As per my assumption, many would have such damaged photos of yours, family or friends which you would think it is irreplaceable. Our technology is so rapid, it gives back you the same photographs by eliminating all the damages.

Team Phometo use this technology which is called photo restoration service. Blemishes, scars, fade or any damages, "Phometo" is specialized in removing such defects which helps you to preserve your old memories. It can be a tedious work but serving people is our major motive.

If you have any old photo which is damaged or if you wish to convert your old black and white photo into Color photograph, We are there for you. You can avail our Photo restoration service from anywhere across the Globe, You can just send us the High Resolution Photo and Make the Payment online. We will work on your photo and send it back to you.

Is your precious old photo prints are Torn, Faded, or cracked, damaged or just in bad shape? Do not worry we can help you to restore you precious assets. All that you need to contact us for photo restoration services. It’s very simple, Dial in us or drop an email to get the estimated quote on the picture restoration.

Our photo restoration clients are amazed at our work, and we are sure you will be too!

Walk in to our studio or mail us the original picture, We will use sophisticated photo restoration software to rejuvenate and enhance the quality of your precious memories.

We shall scan the original picture and then use sophisticated restoration software and photoshop to fix your photo’s damage. When we are done restoring your picture we will save your restored picture on cloud, CD or usb drive and then make new prints. We also print them with all sizes and frame it if you want. Since each job is unique, we would expect you to bring your photos to us, or snap or scan a picture of it and email it to us ([email protected]), so that we can tell you what we can do and how much it will cost.

Our photo retouching service deals with various levels of post-production using various photo restoration techniques, Our experts would study and analyze the picture before giving a artistic touch to the damaged image.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a damaged image be fixed or restored?
Hiring a photo restoration professional is always a better option to enhance or fix your stained, torn, damaged and antique or old photo restoration. With their professional skill, they can digitally make it better. Contact PHOMETO Service for the finest photo restoration services or a quick quote.
What is the cost of photo restoration services?
A moderate price of restoration usually ranges from Rs 700. With several experts working on each picture, photo restoration isn't a reasonable option! However, it is always worth getting the work done by a professional photographer. Depending on the damage and depth of correction, the restoration may range from 1 to 2k approximately.
What is the photo restoration price offered by Phometo? And how much does photo restoration cost?
The photo restoration price will vary depending on the fixing image or depth of the work to restore stained or torn or damaged, etc. However, our photo restoration cost varies between Rs. 700 and 2000 approximately. We request you to fill up the form above to get the customized old photo restoration Bangalore packages.